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New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association

Dedicated to Advancing Addiction Professionals in New Hampshire

Clinician Wellbeing

This New Hampshire initiative is modeled after the National Academy of Medicine's Action Collaborative on Clinician Wellbeing and Resilience initiative. By submitting a commitment statement, you are joining the Action Collaborative as a network organization committed to reversing trends in clinician burnout. To learn more about this national movement visit 

In an effort to support this national movement, NHADACA has collected statements describing organizational goals and commitments to action. We welcome additional statements describing organizational goals or commitments to improving clinician wellbeing and decreasing clinician burnout. Please submit your commitment statement below after carefully reviewing submission guidelines.

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Submission Guidelines: 

  • Statements should be 500 words or less. If applicable, you may include a link to a longer statement on your website. 
  • Statements should describe organizational (rather than personal) commitments. 
  • Statements responding to the prompt will be posted on our website and shared with the National Academy of Medicine.
  • Statements may be uploaded as a Word or PDF document.
  • NHADACA may choose not to post submissions that are not responsive to the prompt. 
  • Statements will not be edited without written approval from the submitting organization. 
  • Contact information for your organization's liaison will be posted on our website to further facilitate a self-sustaining action network unless you specifically request otherwise. 

NHADACA's Commitment Statement 

As the New Hampshire state affiliate of NAADAC, the National Association for Addiction Professionals, NH Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association’s mission is to provide quality education, workforce development, advocacy, ethical standards and leadership for addiction professionals. We empower efforts in prevention, treatment and recovery. Our vision is to learn, grow, serve – supporting recovery through a qualified and educated workforce.

Substance Use Disorder is one of the leading public health issues in the United States today. Well supported scientific evidence shows that a substance use disorder is a chronic brain disease that has potential for recurrence and recovery. The impact of this public health issue reaches beyond substance use disorder professionals and across entire communities. We hereby commit to join with the work of the National Academy of Medicine’s Action Collaborative.

We believe the health of the caregiver is an ethical imperative for the integrity of our professional and educational systems to ensure care and safety of those we serve.

Specifically, we commit to:

  • Providing current, research- and evidence-based education related to substance use disorders as well as chronic stress, burnout and resilience, and best practices regarding interventions;
  • Informing our members and the greater community about the importance of practitioner self-care in order to provide the highest quality services;
  • Spearheading the appropriate incorporation of integrative health practices that can reduce or prevent chronic stress and burnout and promote resilience and well-being, especially in collaborative settings; and
  • Actively participating in policy discussions on these issues.

Disclaimer: This page includes links to statements created by other public and/or private organizations. These statements are provided solely for our users’ information and convenience. These statements are created by other public and/or private organizations, and are in no way connected to, under the control of, or associated with NHADACA/NHTIAD. Inclusion of the statements does not imply or constitute an endorsement or promotion by NHADACA/NHTIAD of any persons or organizations. Neither NHADACA nor NHTIAD endorse these statements, and are not responsible in any way for any content, advertising, products, services or information on or available from the organizations responsible for the statements. NHADACA and NHTIAD make no guarantees, and accept no liability, regarding the linked statements, including, but not limited to, their availability, accuracy, currency, content, quality or lack of objectionable or offensive content.

Peer Collaboration on the Topic of Clinician Wellbeing

In response to the Clinician Wellbeing initiative training feedback, we have created a monthly peer collaboration group with the topic of Clinician Wellbeing.  Please join via Zoom 8-9 am on the first Wednesday of the month.  Contact Angela at for the link.

Agenda talking points:

  • What are your self-care goals for today, this week, this month?
  • Where are you finding JOY in your work/life balance?
  • How are you being a leader for work culture norms inclusive of provider well-being?

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