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New Hampshire Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association

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Internal Biases and the LGBTQIA+ Community in Substance Use and Mental Health Care

  • April 07, 2023
  • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • 130 Pembroke Road, Suite 150, Concord, NH 03301
  • 6


A 6-Hour Training with Benji Marton, LCSW & Ann Cain, LCSW

April 7, 2023


PRESENTATION: This workshop will facilitate a discussion around the impacts of ways society, and mental health practitioners specifically, view LGBTQIA+ identities on the body; in particular, how experiences of oppression and marginalization can lead to stored, unresolved trauma reactions in our nervous systems. Mental health disparities and increased rates of substance abuse in the LGBTQIA+ community will be discussed as it relates to this unresolved trauma, and implications of clinical work with LGBTQIA+ clients will be explored. A shared language around various identities and understanding of systemic prejudice will be explored, and a foundational understanding of fight/flight/freeze/fawn will be presented and its implications for LGBTQIA+ people. Attendees will participate in a deeper conversation on how traumatic reactions through identity oppression impacts the relationship to self and community. The idea of clients bringing up despairingly, “I don’t even know who I am,” will be explored in relation to unresolved trauma. Lastly, participants will explore their own relationship to sexuality and gender, how that relationship impacts holding space for LGBTQIA+ clients and manifests as microaggressions that can ultimately lend itself to retraumatization and relapse.

As a result of this training, participants will:

  •  List foundational terminology relating to the LGBTQIA+ community to create a shared language;
  •   Explain a foundational understanding of fight, flight, freeze and fawn as it relates to traumatic reactions of oppression and marginalization;
  •  Describe the impacts of unresolved trauma on LGBTQIA+ people;
  •    Explain mental health disparities and substance abuse trends within the LGBTQIA+ community;
  • Infer the connection of these trends to unresolved trauma of LGBTQIA+ clients;
  •  List the impact of oppression, marginalization and microaggressions on a sense of self; and
  •   Evaluate their own relationship to gender and sexuality, and how that relationship shapes their space with LGBTQIA+ clients.


Benji Marton (he/him) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a second year student of Somatic Experiencing. He is the Director of Operations and Therapist at Head/Heart Therapy, Inc. in Chicago. Benji has experience providing individual, group and relational therapy in schools, community mental health, and, currently, in private practice. As a queer man himself, Benji noticed quickly the mental health disparities that inhibit LGBTQIA+ clients from seeking the affirmative and loving care they deserve. Often, these disparities come from a place of clinician/therapists' own relationship with gender and sexuality that get projected as microaggressions that, ultimately, create barriers to care. From this early recognition, Benji has continuously developed over the past several years competency trainings that go beyond data sharing; Somatic Experiencing has helped Benji shape these trainings into holistic holding spaces that provide safety in self-exploration that, in turn, create safer spaces for LGBTQIA+ clients. Benji has provided presentations at multiple conferences and with mental health providers/school staff. His presentations have included working with queer clients & exploring internal bias (to therapists, school staff, and agency-wide personnel), impacts of developmental trauma, and more.

Ann (she/her) is a Licensed Social Worker living and working in Chicago, Illinois. Ann identifies as Queer, and as a therapist enjoys working with other Queer folks. Through the therapeutic relationship, Ann strives to create a space where a client’s intersecting identities are affirmed and celebrated. She employs cultural humility into her work by continuing to engage in education and conversation around racial justice, disability justice, and Queer affirming topics. Ann has assisted in training related to internal bias, homophobia, and transphobia that we all experience. Ann believes that deconstructing these biases and seeking out education related to LGBTQ topics allows us to relieve the burden of educating on these topics from our Queer clients.

REGISTRATION FEE: *NHADACA Members  $65;  *Non-Members $75; *NBCC add $5.  For registration information contact: 603-225-7060 or

6 Contact Hours Available
CRSW Performance Domains: 1-4
LADC/MLADC Categories of Competence: 5-7, 15, 16
CPS Domains: 6
NBCC: LICSW/L-MFT/LCMHC (Category 1) & Psychologist Category A
NH Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors Association has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. ACEP No 6754. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. NHADACA is solely responsible for all aspects of the program.

PLEASE NOTE: Only one registrant per form.  For multiple registrants you must register each one individually.  Registration is not complete or guaranteed until payment is received.  Payment by means other than credit card may slow down completion of registration.  Checks and cash are still accepted, however, your registration will be placed on a pending list until payment is received.  We strongly encourage payment by credit card for training of high demand topics.  Thank you.

This training is financed under a contract with the State of NH, Department of Health and Human Services, with funds provided in part by the State of NH and/or such funding sources as were available or required, e.g., the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

This training is financed under a contract with the State of NH, Department of Health and Human Services, with funds provided in part by the State of NH and/or such funding sources as were available or required, e.g., the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

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